2015 Trophy Awards

Photographer of the Year
Ernest Cooke CupOverall Club WinnerMichael Carver
Monthly Competition Trophies
McLeod QuaichColour PrintsMichael Carver
Stephens Brae CupMono PrintsOwen Cochrane
Harvey ShieldColour Projected Images (PIs)
(digital and/or slide)
Michael Carver
Annual Portfolio
Elena Mae CupPrintsAnthony Grady
June Trevail QuaichPIsLewis Mackenzie
Annual Set Subject Competition
Fleming CupColour PrintOwen Cochrane
Macdonald CupColour PIDavid Shillabeer
Annual Open PI Competition
Tyrell CupColour PIDerek McGinn
Highland ShieldBest Beginners' PIChris Kordas
Annual Open Print Competition
Ness CupColour PrintLewis Mackenzie
Nairn CupMono PrintMichael Carver
Campbell CupBest Beginners' PrintGary Matheson