Data Protection (GDPR)

General Data Protection Regulation

Inverness Camera Club only collects personal data from our members for internal use by the club.

From May 2018, the personal data we collect is limited to name, e-mail address, telephone number/s, an emergency contact telephone number (optional) and your date of joining a club.

There is the option to provide your own photographic website address if you wish that on our “Links” web page which will only be active during your paid membership.

On renewal, members are asked to confirm or update their details.

This data is kept for current Club Members for two years.

For members who have not renewed, details are held for a further year until it is determined that they are no longer members.

Data will only be retained by the treasurer who will be the club contact for membership.

A copy will be available to the president and secretary when necessary.
Members’ name and membership number will be provided to the Competition Secretary.
Members’ e-mail addresses will be supplied to ICC’s Web Master for blind-copied club internal e-mailing.

Information is only stored to maintain a list of current and recent members.
Data is also used for anonymous analysis of attendance and figures over the years.

Completed new and renewal forms are transferred and saved in digital format.
The original forms are retained until audited in March.
They are then shredded and disposed of in a secure manner.

All data is stored in a secure password-protected computer.
A back-up stored on a password-protected encrypted device.

Personal information held by us will never be shared with any other organisation.

Personal information that you share with us will always be used in accordance with GDPR guidelines.


If you wish further details or contact the treasurer please e-mail: