Trophy Award 2019 – 2020

Names will be added shortly.

Photographer of the Year
Ernest Cooke CupOverall Club Winner@
Monthly Competition Trophies
McLeod QuaichColour Prints@
Stephens Brae CupMono Prints@
Harvey ShieldColour Projected Images (PIs)
(digital and/or slide)
Culloden CupMono PIs
(digital and/or slide)
Annual Portfolio
Elena Mae CupPrints@
June Trevail QuaichPIs@
Annual Set Subject Competition
Fleming CupColour Print@
Holm CupMono Print@
Macdonald CupColour PI@
Essich CupMono PI@
Annual Open Print Competition
Ness CupColour Print@
Nairn CupMono Print@
Campbell CupBest Beginners' Print@
Annual Open PI Competition
Tyrell CupColour PI@
Culduthel CupMono PI@
Highland ShieldBest Beginners' PI@