2021 – 2022 Macdonald Cup (Mono – Annual Set)

Annual Set Projected ImagesJunk

Judge: Matt Sillars

(Digital only 2022)

Member No.Image TitleJudge's NotesScore1st, 2nd, 3rd
51Al FrescoGood use of composition with diagonal drawing in the eye,
lighting works very well in B+W. Edge darkeningf and vigetting is complementray. Good technique
29Spare tyresI like the way the image is central and fills the frame.
Good use of repeating patterns . Sky is a little harsh - may work well as a white sky?
62He died of junkitisI like the way the image moves from light to dark and
has the skeleton framed by the window. Good sense of modern junk..
23HumberGood use of depth of field. I think cropping the top slightly
would help to control the way in which the image is seen by the reader
23Junk reflectionsInteresting close up/still life. Good control of reflctions .
Think more background would allow the shape to be experienced better by the viwer, and it is a little static - trying to create some dynamic using more space around the objects may help.
51Totally (not) NutsGood close up detail. Compostionally the 2 long bolts
seem to be fighting the image a little, so re thinking the compostion would work well as they could be contrasted nicely against the jumble of the background. Possibly edge darkening to move the eye away from the edges would be a good plan too.
13Wiry PostSimple form and nicely seen. May need a little
more context as it fills the frame a littl too heavily.
62I think there's one up there!Interesting complex repeating patterns.
Image seems to be in 2 halves and I think cropping out the top and leaving the bottom section would focus the eye
29Not a light bulb momentNice details in this image. I think that making the image
darker and with more contrast would help hold the viewers attention
37Keys to the fairy kingdomGood DOF. Central composition works. But perhaps getting
closer to the detail would make the image pop more. Making the blacks blacker may help as well
16Seen Better DaysGood close up compostion - less is always more. Think
the lighting is too contrasty though and there is extraneious distracting detail at bottom of image.
37Desert dojoGood DOF.. Main subjects is very large in frame and may
need more context to pull in the eye. Working on how to lead the eye through the image would be a useful plan.
13FlotsamHere I feel that that attention to composition of the shape
and form would be helpful. Cropping out the left will focus attention on the rope and barnacles.
16RedundantNeed to separate foreground and background more - perhaps
play wth the wall texture and the filling station texture? Flattish image and probably needs different ligting, or to stand back and create more context.
10Rust BucketIn terms of composition controlling the journey the eye
takes through the image needs to be considered. This central composition and lack the lack between background and foreground makes it a challenge. Also less may be more here and I would suggest going for detail rather for the whole shot.
10ship wreck remainsQuite a flat image tonally. Perhaps edge darkening and raising
the clarity would move the tones apart a little more.