2021 – 2022 Essich Cup (Colour – Annual Set)

Set Projected ImagesJunk

Judge: Matt Sillars

(Digital only 2022)

Member No.Image TitleJudge's NotesScore1st, 2nd, 3rd
37On the scrap heapA dynamic shot, central composition works. Edge darkening helps
control the eye
37Old but not forgottenGood use of effect to enhance the etherial qaulity.
I like the central shape and the way the trees wrap round
29The lost shoesAlthough a busy shot which needs more control of the eye,
the ambiguty of the shoes works well.
13UnlockedNice close up following the rule of 3rds. Good rust but more could be
made of the diagonal line of door handle to lead the eye.
29A collection of junkInteresting play on the idea of scale. Clutter works well
here although top line is a little light - although controlling eye is important.
51Van GraveyardGood idea here to play with reflections. Dealing more with the top of the image
will help control the movement of the eye
62The JunkieInteresting shot - quite challenging. Good highlights and skin tones,
but may need to rethink approach to get the background and the person working together.
23Barrow treeHas great potential as it is a complex shot. Perhaps need cropping heavily
to enhance the visual elements and work with the the way the colurs blend.
62Expensive JunkGetting in closer may be useful here as less is often more .
Perhaps an element of the car and a bit of background would work, Graffiti detail is intersting and could be capitalised on
51Spring-timeGood lines in this shot, but right hand edge needs more control - perhaps
crop out? I think the left and central elements should be allowed to dominate.
10Old boatsQuite pictorial and I think would beneit from getting closer to show the lines
of the boats more. Also to stop the occlusion of detail by overlapping boats
16Blooming JunkPerhaps the angle of view coud be reconsidered to enance the line of
colour and the line of rust?
23Air cleanerCentral compostion - may need to think about controllijg the eye.
DOF may need to be more to isloate the key elements further.
2Artistic junkComposition - needs to work with the line and shape to create a more
dynamic shape. Also angle of view may be sueful to isolate front elements against the background.
2table decorationGood spillage of material - but how to lead the eye through this complex
image is a challenge. Finding the hook and then moving around to shift the elements about in relation to each other may creat a flow.
10my home made trikeGood conrol of reflections. Perhaps getting in closer and changeing
angle of view would enhance the feel of the shot?
13Out of the BlueComposition - thinking about how the eye is lead though the image would be
important here. Perhaps coming down from top left to bottom right and emphasing the change in texture?