2021 – 2022 Culduthel Cup (Mono – Annual Open)

Annual Open Projected Images

Judge: Bozena Summers

(Digital only 2022)

Member No.Image TitleJudge's NotesScore1st, 2nd, 3rd
66The Gate to winterFairytail scheme; well created melancholy; good texture and beautiful details; nice contrast; intriguing background; simple, but effective201
23LeslieLots of lovely details; well defined face; grizzled nature of his beard contrasts nicely with the fur of his hat; nice contrasting portrait202
66Entrance to The LighthouseNice perspective; parallel walls converge at the entrance, leading to a lighthouse; complementing sky & interesting pattern on the foreground203
29Hi Key on carInteresting portrait; well defined reflection; flat background goes well with the glossy surface of the car; flat hands-need to show/display fingers19
13Loch MareeNice landscape shot, but lacking interest at first but then seeing beautiful reflections; burst of cloud on the foreground distracts rather than reinforces the image; good contrast though18
13Tied UpWell seen; busy, but not too busy; nice texture with well defined lines and lichens; focus still maintained on a rather complicated knot 18
51Tiree TombstonesInteresting perspective; nice contrasts; complementing sky, but too much of an empty foreground18
29Taking a walkNice façade with interesting shapes, but not too distracting; good space to walk into in front of the walker; good contrast, but light patches distractive18
23Bridge to the KingdomNice perspective with the bridge looking like white sails of the boat; lacking contrast though with the foreground far too dark 18
37CampusNice line leading to the main object; sky complements the picture, but the shot is too dark; human element would help the image17
51Salon a la Mode Quaint; nice details; shot should probably be taken from a lower level as we are looking down on it; one wonders where is Doris and Joan17
28Misty LochWell defined main object not necessary the loch; nice contrast between main object and the misty background; atmospheric and contemplative 17
37CromartyMoody picture; the wall leads to the main object & your eyes are drawn to the oil rigs; too much of the empty foreground though & flat sky; 17
15SliochNice landscape scene; interesting foreground with contrasting main object in the background; flat sky though and out of focus/small format16
28SouthernessWell caught drama of the breaking waves; nice details on the lighhouse, but the sky washed out leting down the overal image16
10old churchyard hutLots of nice details, but the hut is too framed by the surrounding trees; wall on the right is distracting-cropping would help to improve the image16
15Crested TitGood composition, but not sure about the background; looks like a staged scene; lack of sharpness is the main let-down16
16Entrance to CáceresInteresting geometrical lines: curve of the arch, columns, steps; too busy though; lacking the main focus as your mind wonders all over the picture16
2Time to go homeWell caught action scene, but lacking contrast; flat sky; more space in front of the boatman would improve the image16
16In need of paintIndeed! Nice angle, but not enough impact/interest; detailed white wall contrasts well with the rest of the frames; 15
10old tree stumpDetailed stump of a tree, but lacking contrast; too busy; wall on the left distructs from the main object of interest14
2Artistic junkGood title; a line of objects leading to a gap; clutter-too many elements; a lot of distractions on the wall/window14