2021 – 2022 Tyrell Cup (Colour – Annual Open)

Annual Open Projected Images

Judge: Bozena Summers

(Digital only 2022)

Member No.Image TitleJudge's NotesScore1st, 2nd, 3rd
29Glen Affric dusted in snowStriking landscape; good contrast between the darker foreground and snowy mountains; reflections in the water and layed clouds complement the scene; well composed201
29Early winter at Loch ClairWell composed; stones in the foreground, the snow-topped mountains in the background, the dramatic sky & vibrant colours - this image has everything, filling the frame nicely 202
16NeighboursInteresting take on the murals; well executed & cropped; lots of details; the woman's eyes facing the man give the sense of connection; they stand out well against dilapidated walls 203
13Morning Mist Bealach na BaBeautiful shot of the layers of mountains; serene; stream in the middle lead on to the middle of the picture & the main interest; details in the foreground; light patch overexposed20
23Looking to the futureClever, well composed image; vibrant display of light with glass object in the middle; circles of light give impression of movement and vibrancy; black background reinforces the drama 20
66South Stack LighthouseWell composed; sweeping coastline and foreground rocks lead nicely to the lighthouse in the centre; ship on the horison adds extra interest; nice colours and light. 19
10having a chatIt conveys calmness, tranquility & peace; the man facing the woman gives a sense of involvement & connection; the gull adds extra interest; colours complement the mood19
66TreeStriking tree; well framed; vibrant colours, but grey sky indicates that the colours were saturated, with good effect though; broch distracts but not too much19
37Coastal dreamsNice calm image; mood reinforced by the reflection and muted colours; the horizon cuts through the middle of the picture 19
23Full houseWell composed; good exposure in difficult conditions: a mixture of deep shades & bright lights; blue, white & red lights on the ceiling complement the French flag on the pitch. 19
19Traigh Mhor, BarraTranquil, idyllic, well composed scene; your eye is led by the boat in the foreground, to the house along the bay, and onwards to the island; good colours & complementary sky19
13Trapped PebblesLayers of stones & old planks of wood at an angle; nice pattern of the rings on the wood contrasts well with much calmer stones; well seen & executed19
15Ring of BrodgaIdyllic sunset scene with silhouettes of Brodgar stones; great timing to get the flock of flying geese above; well composed & framed, but small size lowers the quality18
19Traigh Bhalaigh, N.UistNice scene of a colouful coastline with a superb beach, but too much space is taken by the empty sky; interest is in the hut and the washing line only18
51The Eyes Have ItStriking portrait with good eye contact; strong lighting and colours; distracting camera stripe though; interest is in the hair so they should not be cropped, but shown in full18
37Pink houseAtmospheric image with sky and the light creating a somber mood; landscape cut into half though; cropping the foreground will get rid of excessive empty space 18
51Highland CreelsColourful, busy, full of patterns and structures image; well composed; symptomatic of what is happening at sea-too much plastic18
15LiathachCompetent landscape image; well seen; reflections reinforce the beauty of the place; stones and hedges on the foreground set the scene; pity, it is in a small format18
10plenty of fishA happy fisherman showing off his catch; well caught moment; title reflects exactly was is in the image; nice muted colours and well framed18
2Big Red SmileGood title; maybe different background (table?) would add extra interest; it would be good to know what it is laughing at; nice teeth; pleasing image 17
28SquigglesWell seen but too busy with metal boxes cluttering the picture; nice muted colours; graffities complement well the pattern on the glass-door 16
28Green ParasolLess is more, but in this case, the umbrella is too central & there is too much sky above, bringing nothing to the image, but the sense of emptiness; good contrasting colours16
16Le TeichLayers of vegetation, water, reflections & houses create a pleasant image, but bank too central and there is nothing to guide the eye; overexposed sky; 16
62It's in the woodsBusy and cluttered image, nonetheless intriguing; skilled photographer, but weird concept; not sure about the message it conveys15
2Junkie table decorInteresting set up, but too cluttered; one wonders all over the picture looking for a main focus; a few overexposed patches of light distract further, but good record shot15