2023 Portfolio Competitions

There are two portfolio trophies, one for a prints and one PIs. These were judged on 22 February 2023 this session by Glen Campbell.

Big thank you from all the members to Glen.

Elena Mae Cup for Prints.
Won by Owen Cochrane

The results given below

Member No.OrderNo of EntriesPortfolio ThemeScore1st, 2nd, 3rd
02 Anne H16Lockdown16.5
16 Tony G25Mellow Yellow17.03rd
25 Evelyn G35How do you eat an Elephant?
One bit at a time
29 Owen C
45Bird on a Stick
But with food in mouth
Number of entrants
and images.

June Trevail Quaich for PIs.
Won by Callum Boath

The results given below
Member No.OrderNo of ImagesPortfolio ThemeScore1st, 2nd, 3rd
10 Ronald M 15Swallows Online17.0
11 Alan M 25Flight Club17.0
16 Tony G35Reflections on the Clyde16.0
25 Evelyn G 44 Increasing Power of Science Principle -
(Diffusion, Magnetism, Pressure, Electricity)
27 Harry G 55Graffiti17.0
29 Owen C64Sunrise and Sunset on the the Chobe River18.52nd
33 Callum B
35 Peter H86The Elusive Pine Marten18.03rd
36 Becky H95Flying17.5
51 Peter F104Adrift17.0
Number of entrants
and images