2023 Trophy Awards

After the two year gap due to the Covid-19 pandemic all trophies have been available for award this session 2022-2023.

Photographer of the Year
Ernest Cooke CupOverall Club WinnerOwen Cochrane
Monthly Competition Trophies
McLeod QuaichColour PrintsOwen Cochrane
Stephens Brae CupMono PrintsOwen Cochrane
Harvey ShieldColour Projected Images (PIs)
(digital only)
Peter H
Culloden CupMono PIs
(digital only)
Owen Cochrane
Annual Portfolio
Elena Mae CupPrintsOwen Cochrane
June Trevail QuaichPIs (digital only)Callum Boath
Annual Set Subject Competition
Fleming CupColour PrintAnthony Grady
Holm CupMono PrintSam Cowan
Macdonald CupColour PI (digital only)Peter H.
Essich CupMono PI (digital only)Peter Ferguson
Campbell CupBest Beginners' ImageEvelyn Gray
Annual Open Competitions
Ness CupColour PrintOwen Cochrane
Nairn CupMono PrintSam Cowan
Tyrell CupColour PI (digital only)Peter Ferguson
Culduthel CupMono PI (digital only)Owen Cochrane
Highland ShieldBest Beginners' ImageEvelyn Gray