2023 Annual Set Subject Trophies

There are four trophies, one each for Colour and Mono Prints and again for Projected Images.

These were judged on 22 March 2023 this session by Scott Marshall.

Big thank you from all the members to Scott.

Top images are displayed in our Gallery
2023 Annual Set Subject (My Town) Trophies

Winners and the entries scores are given below.


Fleming Cup (Colour Prints) – Tony Grady

Member No.TitleScore1st, 2nd, 3rd
16 Tony G
Greig Street Bridge201st
29 Owen CDean Village Reflections192nd
21 Sam CLight Trails183rd
29 Owen CBin Day in the Close17
21 Sam CA Place to Remember16
25 Evelyn GThe Hippo Line15
20 Bill CAutumn in Inverness15
21 Bill CThe Industrial Side of Inverness15
29 Evelyn GFlying the flag on Bridge Street14
16 Tony GHolm Firey Dawn13


Holm Cup (Mono Prints) – Sam Cowan

Member No.TitleScore1st, 2nd, 3rd
21 Sam Cowan
On the Roof201st
21 Sam CGreig Street Bridge192nd
29 Owen CEdinburgh Castle from the Vennel193rd
20 Bill C Inverness 200817
25 Evelyn GTesco Town17
25 Evelyn GCyano Sky Line16
10 Tony GWaterloo Lighting (aka: Black Bridge)16
10 Tony GOne Missing on Bank Lane15
29 Owen CVote Early Vote Often15


MacDonald Cup (Colour PI) – Peter H.

Member No.TitleScore1st, 2nd, 3rd
35 Peter H.
Water under the bridge201st
16 Tony GWhin Park in Autumn192nd
10 Ronald M Muirtown Basin183rd
51 Peter F Edinburgh Dean Village17
51 Peter F New Town Garden16
19 Robin M Diss Medieval Quarter16
25 Evelyn G Castle Wynd16
29 Owen C Antwerpen Centraal16
29 Owen C The Johnny Walker man15
27 Harry G Writtle Green and Duck Pond15
25 Evelyn G Skateboard Graffitti15
19 Robin M Diss Xmas15
16 Tony GTorbreck Woods Inverness15
10 Ronald M The Viaduct15
21 Sam C Red sky over Kessock Bridge14
27 Harry G Chelmsford Viaduct14
21 Sam C Foundry Workmen13


Essich Cup (Mono PI) – Peter Ferguson

Member No.TitleScore1st, 2nd, 3rd
51 Peter Ferguson
Edinburgh in harder times191st
21 Sam C Snowman Rally183rd
10 Ronald M Canal Locks182nd
10 Ronald M UHI on film17
27 Harry G Walk in the woods17
27 Harry G Rumsey Row16
29 Owen C Drying day16
51 Peter F Newspaper Man 1972
29 Owen C You are here …
in My Town
35 Peter HSomething for everyone14
16 Tony GNess Islands in flood14
16 Tony GFoggy Day on the Ness13
25 Evelyn G Inverness Bridge13
25 Evelyn G UHI my view13