2023 Annual Open Trophies Results

There are four trophies, one each for Colour and Mono Prints and again for Projected Images.

These were judged on 29 March 2023 this session by Stan Miller.

Big thank you from all the members to Stan.

Top images are displayed in our Gallery
2023 Annual Open Trophies

Winners and the entries scores are given below.


Ness Cup (Colour Prints) – Owen Cochrane

Member No.TitleScore1st, 2nd, 3rd
29 Owen CAfrican Jacana on Lily Pad201
29 Owen CHippo on the Charge192
65 Alex BWhite Tailed Sea Eagle183
51 Peter FTower of Power17
16 Tony GHoopoe16
25 Evelyn GElephant Eye16
25 Evelyn GYellow Rose15
21 Sam CSilhouttes in Vilamora15
16 Tony GReflections on Burghead15
21 Sam CBest Seats in the House14
20 Bill CFarming Ground12


Nairn Cup (Mono Prints) – Sam Cowan

Member No.TitleScore1st, 2nd, 3rd
21 Sam CAfter the Rain Birmingham201
16 Tony GTidal Enforcer192
51 Peter FMoon/Light183
29 Owen CHigh key Hippo16
29 Owen CSacred Ibis on the Look Out16
21 Sam CThrough the Trees15
16 Tony GOn the bridge14
25 Evelyn GThe Water's Warm14
25 Evelyn GGrapes of Rot14
20 Bill CExit Nairn Harbour12


Tyrell Cup (Colour PI) – Peter Ferguson

Member No.TitleScore1st, 2nd, 3rd
51 Peter FSunset Sail201
29 Owen CFamily sundowners192
26 Simon STangled Knot183
35 Peter HRunning away with dinner183
10 Ronald MOystercatcher in flight17
25 Evelyn GFollow me17
29 Owen CComing out of the bath17
21 Sam CMasi Lions16
51 Peter FSummit to Sea16
25 Evelyn GAnnoying oxpeckers16
21 Sam CEmpire Ahead16
36 Becky H Standing Proud15
26 Simon SSharp Lines15
36 Becky HThe happy couple15
21 Sam CKite in flight15
16 Tony GDaffodil14
27 Harry GTransAmerica Building14
10 Ronald MThe Odd One Out12
16 Tony GAutumn Coming11
35 Peter HJuggling act11
27 Harry GOffshore Rock formation10


Culduthel Cup (Mono PI) – Owen Cochrane

Member No.TitleScore1st, 2nd, 3rd
29 Owen CHello Dad201
36 Becky HPreening192
35 Peter HWater under the bridge183
51 Peter F Into the White183
29 Owen CLooming large17-
51 Peter FEnigma17-
10 Ronald MPortrait17-
10 Ronald MGreat Beard15-
27 Harry GSidewalk Strummer15-
16 Tony GThe Chimneys15-
35 Peter HReflection 15-
16 Tony GThe Bridge14-
21 Sam CDandelion14-
25 Evelyn GCroc reflection13-
26 Simon SRetro Portrait12-
27 Harry GOn watch11-
25 Evelyn GTern take-off11-