Competition Diary

2021 – 2022 Competition Dairy

Last season 2020-2021 we did not have any of our normal competitions due to the pandemic restrictions on meetings and gatherings.


For the season 2021-2022l due to the restriction the committee have made a few decisions and temporary changes to the competition rules.

For the first part of the season to January 2022, there will be no print competitions.  Depending on circumstances that may change in the New Year.  As such the Monthly Print, Print Portfolio and Annual Print Competition will not take place.

The Photographer of the Year, Ernest Cooke Trophy will not be awarded since the four categories for that award are not taking please at present.

We wish to proceed with the Projected Images competitions but with digital only this season.

 A few changes to the rule are being set for this season.

Monthly PI Competitions

Harvey Shield (Colour) and

Culloden Cup (Mono)

These are usually one image per member for the four monthly events. The person with the highest cumulative in each category wins that trophy.

The change is that two images can be submitted each month in each category. The cumulative score of these in each category will go towards the highest scorer who will be awarded the appropriate trophy.

The set subject “Fog and /or smoke and/or mist” will be month 4, January 2022


Normally the Annual Set Subject Competitions consists of Set Subject Colour Prints, Set Subject Monochrome Prints, Set Subject Colour Projected Images and Set Subject Monochrome Projected Images.