A bit of ICC History to date

In the 2018-2019 session we celebrated the 70th year as a club.
A booklet was published with a copy of the earlier 50th and 60th stories.
A copy of the 70th version printed and made available to all all members, as linked above.


A digital copies of the 60th and 50th Commemorative Booklets have been uploaded.

We wish to acknowledge and record those who have been in the club and helped it along the way.

For example, our logo was designed by one of our own Ernest J Cooke in 1970.
That is over 50 years and it still captures photography.


Anyone who has been with the club for any length time be it a few months, a year or a few years are all part of the club’s long period of operations in this wonderful part of the country.


If you wish to add any detail, please contact us at: